I have been a professional Tarot card reader for sixteen years and I love what I do! I provide Tarot services for private readings as well as public and private events, and teach Tarot classes and give private Tarot lessons. I am grateful for all of the amazing experiences I’ve had through Tarot, and the many insanely cool places I’ve gotten to give readings at! I have done Tarot at every event you could imagine, from work parties, to birthday parties, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, and even a celebration of life event. I have gotten to do Tarot for events at Widen + Kennedy, SDF Collective, Portland State University, and University of Oregon School of Law Student Bar Association to name a few.

As I opened myself up to the world of metaphysics and healing, I began to understand that I could study a wide range of things that would all compliment each other or that could be used together. To this end, I use crystals and Reiki in every Tarot reading as they help strengthen my connection to the energy of the person I’m reading for, and also help to create and foster this magical, energetic space between the two of us.

In addition to studying Tarot and practicing Reiki, I have also studied Witchcraft, Shamanism, mediumship, palmistry, numerology, quantum physics, the Mayan Calendar, spirit communication, sound healing, manifestation, and hand-writing analysis. These things may all sound random and unrelated, but scratch the surface of any one of these and you’ll find that at their cores, this is all about energy work and consciousness (which is another form of energy).

Aside form the things I study and specialize in, I am an intuitive healer, an empath, a natural/eclectic witch, a writer, and a musician. I also have a background in the legal field and criminal law in particular, which gives me a unique understanding of people and their unhealed trauma.

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