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When Being A Good Person Goes Bad

Life rules for the overly empathic, care-takers, over-helpers, and the overly-objective Recently I read for a woman who sat down for a 3 card reading. I was at a public event and had met her briefly when I read for her daughter a few hours earlier. I knew then that I really wanted to read…

Accepting the Totality of Your Worth

One question that I get asked a lot in Tarot is “How do I find my soulmate?” While I can’t tell you exactly where you’ll meet your significant other or when, there are several things that I believe can help bring you to the point in your life where just the right circumstances are met…

The Irrational Fear of Starting Over

I get it. You’re here. You’ve invested yourself, and your time, your precious energy into this thing. Insert person/relationship/endeavor here. You’ve spent countless hours, or days, or even years caring for this thing, this person, this relationship. The emotional side of you says the right thing to do is to stick it out. You’re already…