Tarot Readings

Pricing and Booking information

What is a Tarot Reading?

A Tarot reading is an amazing way to better understand yourself or things that are happening in your life. Tarot uses an elaborate deck consisting of 78 cards, which all have powerful imagery, symbols, and meanings. As the deck is shuffled, we divinely order the cards to bring about your messages. A full ten-card reading will provide some insight into past, present and future, validates what you are going through, and can give you helpful information to help you steer your next steps in life. 

In a reading, we will both start out by taking some small steps to get grounded and reset our energies, and I will ask you to help me shuffle the cards by sending them your energy. I believe Tarot works best when both people are equally involved, so I encourage you to ask questions, confirm information, or connect the dots along with me. Two heads are better than one, after all. 

Private Readings – $80/hour

Get an overview of what is going on in your life at this time. Gain insight as to how you got here and where things could be stemming from. Receive validation as to what you have been through, and confirmation of where you could be headed. Some readings can provide a ‘heads up’ as to what you may need to work on to be able to shift some energy and create better outcomes. Can be done in person or virtually.

Private Events – $100/hour

I am available to provide Tarot services at private events (birthday parties, corporate events, theme parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, school events, fundraisers, etc). I am more than happy to cater my readings to fit your event (3 card readings work well for large-scale parties where there are a lot of people to read for), and can play along with various themes upon request. Can be done online or in person.

Tarot Lessons – $50/hour

Get an overview of what Tarot is and the many systems within this amazing oracle. Written materials provided covering Major and Minor Arcana, resources, practices, layouts, reversals, and more. Can be done either in person or virtually.

Travel fees:

An additional travel fee will be requested for in-person events requiring more than 2 hours of travel time (roundtrip). Travel time is calculated at $30/hour. Gas is calculated at 0.62/mile.

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